Wheel Balancing


What does wheel or tire balancing do?

As your wheel rotates any irregularities in your tire or wheel rim may cause a wobble or a hop or a bounce. This will affect the ride, the suspension of the vehicle and will eventually prematurely wear the tire or cause one of the components of the suspension to fail.

Symptoms of improper wheel balance can be:

  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Vibration in the seat or floorboard

What we do:

We dynamically balance your tires on the rims that you will be using on the vehicle. If it is impossible to balance the tire (using all of the recommended counterweights), we will recommend to you a new rim or a new tire to solve this issue.

Since we carry such valuables in our cars, like children, expensive equipment and ourselves we take tire balancing very seriously and make sure that you leave with a safe vehicle.

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